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Meet Dr. Amun

About Dr. Amun

Martin Benjamin, often referred to as Dr. Amun, makes it his mission to improve lives through a clear understanding between the relationship between food and disease. After studying Medical Physiology at Kings College London. His commitment and dedication to saving lives stem from the fact that 99% of health conditions can be tied to either food, lifestyle choices, or both. Dr. Amun’s journey to healing others has taken him across the globe and allowed him to connect with some of the world’s most powerful professionals, including Coach Gessie with whom he partnered with to create All of his insight and knowledge is enabling him to help those who other doctors may have written off because of the severity of their problems.


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More About Dr. Amun

Growing up his connection to natural remedies and science remained strong through his upbringing in London and Grenada and his affinity for biology. Dr. Amun was born in a small town named Huddesfield but moved to London around the age of three. During his early years, he spent much of his time with his mother and grandmother.  Part of the reason he now works to help women learn to care for their bodies is because of his love and respect for those women. Dr. Amun always knew that he would change lives but never thought that his people would be in such despair because of their food choices and ways of living. Today he assists thousands of patients who desire to make drastic changes to enhance their health and give them a better life overall.

Throughout his travels and lessons from other homeopathic experts, he would eventually connect with Dr. Sebi. He was left with the charge to continue to work as a healer and it was then that Dr. Amun knew he had found his purpose. Confident with his formal medical training, combined with the instincts passed down from generations, and the extensive hands-on training he had received traveling the world, Dr. Amun knew his job was to teach but more importantly to heal. Transformation of the body and mind through intricate care and steps is the only way that Dr. Amun knows to continue to make his mark in the holistic and medical arenas. He has been able to help his father beat prostate cancer naturally, and he assists other patients heal from terminal illnesses and diseases such as cancer, STDs, autoimmune deficiencies diabetes, gout, and women’s reproductive disorders. Through the creation of natural supplements and highly responsive programs people everywhere are experiencing much needed relief and healthier living. I decided to return to school to pursue a clinical doctoral degree in Naturopathic Medicine and continue to widen my knowledge of medicine.

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